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The song: Children, You Are So Beautiful was written and produced by Dr. Deborah Isom.

The attached media player contains the soundtrack of  the song "Children, You  Are So Beautiful" that was first performed  by  the teachers and students at Summit Jr. H.S. in District 13K in 1987. The vocalists are Loretta Lawrence, Jerry Bivens, Dorothy Nelson, and Dr. Deborah Isom. Mr. Jerry Skoblicki is on the keyboard,  Be sure to listen to the entire soundtrack-the final section is the best part.

Children, You Are So Beautiful
written and produced by Dr. Deborah Isom

This is the musical prelude: reflection
 (An adult narrates this part during the musical prelude)

Children are very special people
They bring us joy-but sometimes they bring us pain
But nevertheless we love them just the same
Because they are reflections of ourselves
Of our hopes of our dreams and of our past and present schemes

So today, we as parents and teachers
want to tell our children that there is  a better way
And that tomorrow is a better day inspite of what they say-
So children, we want you to keep on keeping on-
because we love you-
And so does God...


Children, You Are So BeautifulDr. Deborah Isom
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